About Beautologie

About Beautologie

With a long-standing commitment to providing each patient with a personalized experience, Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center offers an array of services that allow you to reach your beauty goals.  Beautologie has created a team of highly skilled surgeons, aesthetic medicine specialist, nurses, and other staff members that truly care about each person that comes to the facility.  When you’re in need of cosmetic surgery, laser treatments, or aesthetic procedures in California, you simply can’t do better than Beautologie.


The Beautologie Transformation

At Beautologie, it’s not just the patients that enjoy the transformation process.  In the years since we opened, we’ve undergone our own makeover.  When we began, the facility was known as Dr. Shah & Associates.  We were started as a Bakersfield plastic surgery practice and our goal was to offer the very best services from the top doctors in the area.  Because of our focus on meeting the needs of every patient, we always strive to improve the services we offer and our facility.  We came to realize that there was a need for a natural alternative to surgical procedures, so we started our transformation with that in mind.

Through our renovations, we sought to find a way to create a holistic health and wellness center within our facility.  Our full service spa would be a place where our patients could relax and recharge while finding a way to recapture their youth.  Our spa, which is known as Beautologie Medi-Spa, includes an array of services to meet the growing needs of our patients.  You can find skin care treatments, aesthetic procedures, and holistic services offered by highly skilled specialists in the field.

Although we expanded our services to include these non-surgical aesthetic treatments, you can still find the latest technology in cosmetic surgery at Beautologie.  Our name itself, Beautologie, means “the science of beauty”—that is always our focus.  Through scientific and holistic methods, we want to help you achieve your beauty goals.

With a wellness center created to compliment our wide array of surgical procedures, Beautologie has everything you need to look and feel better than ever.  We created a team of doctors, aestheticians, nurses, and other team members that are all committed to providing each patient with a relaxing and personalized experience.  Our transformation from a cosmetic surgery practice to a full service spa, cosmetic surgery practice, laser treatment center, weightloss clinic and wellness center allows us to help you find your way to a better you.


Our Beautologie Facility in Bakersfield

When you’re in search of a facility for beauty treatments, you may wonder what sets us apart from the others.  It’s simple—we combine the technology of a hospital with the environment of a spa.  That means, you get the top treatments with the tranquility of a relaxing spa.  When you actually get to enjoy your experience as you have a procedure, your healing process will be much easier.  As one of the leading facilities in California, you can be sure to find everything you need at Beautologie.

  • A Resort Feeling – One of the best things about Beautologie is that you can avoid the “hospital” feeling most cosmetic surgery centers have—especially since most facilities send you to the hospital for your procedure.  When you visit us for a treatment, it will all be done right here.  That means, you can relax and enjoy this peaceful setting from start to finish.  With 10,000 square feet of beautifully decorated space, you will be able to enjoy everything about your experience here.
  • Surgery Suites for Private Treatments and Recovery – We always think about the needs of our patients.  We want you to be able to recover in privacy—that’s why we have private surgery suites for you to enjoy during your visit.  With so much room, you will be able to begin the healing process naturally.


A Top-Notch Team that Truly Cares

Aside from the beauty and tranquility of the facility, we also stand out from the competition because of our incredible team.  With a staff that is fully committed to giving each patient a personal experience, Beautologie is unmatched in the field.


Timing and Safety Considerations

Because we understand how busy our patients are, we always make every effort to stick to our schedule. We want you to feel relaxed when your procedure begins and we believe punctuality really helps with that.  The team at Beautologie will work hard to ensure your procedure starts right on schedule so you can enjoy your experience with us.

We also want you to know that we always have your safety in mind.  With our Accreditation from the Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), you know you’re in good hands no matter what happens.  Should an emergency arise, you will have the same care as you’d find at a hospital.


With so much to offer, Beautologie is the best place to go for cosmetic surgery and laser treatments in or around Bakersfield.